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Getting There

Find a brief overview of the ways to get to Portugal below.

You can fly from all of the major UK airports using a number of different carriers including TAP, British Airways, Monarch and BMI Baby.  Of course, choose the time of the year you go carefully as the price can range from £60 to over £1000 for a return ticket.  Also, you can use a price comparison website in conjunction with checking the below yourself.  Always try to be flexible if you can because even a few days can make a big difference.
The main three airports to arrive at in Portugal are Lisbon (Lisboa), Oporto (Porto), Faro (Algarve). 
Price comparison site
We are bringing you a convenient way of checking prices right here.  Simply use the box to right to find what you are looking for. 
 There is no commitment and we don't even know who you are!  We recommend you check with the actual airlines too to see if you can find a better price.


To drive you can get the door-to-door journey for where you want to go in Portugal from on one of the websites which will be listed below shortly.   Of course, you can always use a SAT-NAV. Another way of planning the whole trip before you go is to use Google Earth included in the Google Pack. 

Remember to keep in mind that not only will the cost have to include European trip insurance, break down cover, fuel, food, ferry crossing, maybe somewhere to stay over night but also tolls which are popular in France, Spain and Portugal. 




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